AirMassage™ Technology
Experience a unique bathing sensation as you immerse in style and comfort while being massaged by thousands of soothing air bubbles that invigorate the whole body.

AirMassage Mini Air Jets
Your new Englefield AirMassage Bath is fitted with a set of 30-36 mini air jets that produce a series of tiny air bubbles that deliver an invigorating massaging effect to your skin. The mini air jets are colour-matched to your bath and only measured at 12mm in diameter for a clean, almost invisible look. Your AirMassage experience will begin with just one easy touch of the switch.

The vibrating massaging bubbles manipulate soft tissues of the body that stimulate the circulation of blood flow. This activity helps the body’s own repair mechanisms, thus promoting relief to minor strains and pains of the muscle. Your skin will also benefit from the invigorating effect from the movement of water of the

Englefield’s AirMassage bathing range brings you an all-over luxury at a price that easily fits into your renovating or building budget, and a style that can integrate into any bathroom design without a hassle.
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