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Toilet Talk 101

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on February 23rd, 2019.      0 comments

Toilet Talk 101

Buying a good quality toilet that meets your requirements is an important part of your new bathroom, it can be difficult trying to choose the right one when you’re confronted with a load of jargon that doesn’t make much sense. So, to make things clearer, here’s some words and phrases you may come across when shopping for a new toilet.

Back to wall toilet

Available in various styles, a back to wall toilet has been designed to be positioned against the wall with the cistern and pipework hidden from view so that only the toilet pan is visible. 

Close coupled toilet

The most popular style, a close coupled toilet is where the cistern is attached directly to the pan.

Wall hung toilet

A great option for creating a contemporary look, a wall hung toilet is mounted onto the wall instead of the floor. The cistern is fitted into the wall and is accessible via a flush panel. As the toilet pan floats a few inches above the floor, it creates the illusion of a larger bathroom and makes cleaning easier too. The toilet pan is mounted onto a wall frame, which you will need to purchase separately.

Concealed cistern

For use with back to wall and wall hung toilets, a concealed cistern is built into the wall, meaning it’s hidden from view. The cistern is accessible via a flush panel if fitted into the wall, A concealed cistern ensures a neater, more streamlined finish to your bathroom.

Dual flush

A toilet with a dual flush gives you the option of using a reduced flush, which uses up to 50% less water than a standard flush. A dual flush button has two halves, so you can select a full or a half flush to save water.

Reduced projection

A reduced or a short projection toilet means that it has a shorter depth than standard, and therefore does not protrude as far, taking up less floor space. A short projection toilet is ideal for a small bathroom or cloakroom suite.

Soft closing seat

A soft closing toilet seat features slow closing hinges to prevent those accidental bangs and slams. A soft close seat slows down a couple of inches from the bowl so it closes gradually and quietly.



What is a close coupled toilet? A close coupled toilet is where the water cistern sits directly on the pan, which is fitted to the floor, with the cistern to the wall. Close coupled toilets are the most popular option as they are easy to install and available in a wide range of styles including modern and traditional. Some close coupled toilets feature a fully flush to wall design, which conceals unsightly pipework and makes cleaning easier too. A flush to wall toilet also creates a more contemporary look. There are different types of flush mechanisms including the traditional lever and chrome dual flush buttons, where you can choose to use a full or half flush.


  • Easy to install
  • Does not require any external or hidden plumbing
  • Suits the majority of bathrooms
  • Wide range of styles to choose from


Available in a range of designs, comfort height toilets measure 4-5cm higher than a standard toilet, this makes them more comfortable for the user. A comfort height toilet may be the best option for you if you’re taller, elderly or less mobile as there’s less pressure on the knees and other lower body joints. Sitting down and getting up is made easier by the extra height.


  • Reduced pressure on the knees and lower body joints
  • The extra height makes sitting down and getting up easier
  • Ideal for those who are taller, less mobile and elderly


A great option for adding contemporary style to your bathroom, a wall hung toilet appears to float above the floor with no visible cistern or fittings. The wall hung design enhances a sense of space and makes cleaning the floor easier. Wall hung toilets are designed to be fitted with a cistern concealed in the wall behind or a base cabinet. If the cistern is in the wall, you’ll need to ensure there’s access during and after installation. You will also need to purchase a concealed cistern and wall frame separately.


  • Maximises floor space
  • Creates a contemporary look
  • Great for smaller bathrooms


Back to wall toilets are a modern option, and are similar to close coupled toilets, except that the cistern is hidden in a unit or the wall. Designed to make minimal use of floor space, back to wall toilets create a fitted look as the pipework and cistern are concealed from view ensuring a neater finish and easier cleaning. When purchasing a back to wall toilet you’ll need to buy a concealed cistern and WC furniture unit separately. Care should be taken to ensure that cistern access is available during and after installation.


  • Provides a modern and fitted look
  • Makes minimal use of floor space
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