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The Freestanding Bath

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on May 31st, 2019.      0 comments

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If you are renovating your bathroom, or looking for that bathroom statement piece, then look no further than the freestanding bath. Completely freestanding, these baths serve as a focal point in your bathroom décor.

This bath, known for its elegant simplicity, was originally part of the bathing practice of the English aristocracy in the 19th Century, where it became a symbol of bathroom luxury of the Victorian era.

Known for their versatility, the freestanding bath can be used in large bathrooms, making a visual statement, or in a small bathroom, fitting neatly close to the back wall, or completely back to the wall with the back to wall freestanding bath.

Freestanding Baths offer:

● Various options, sizes, designs and colours    

● the realm of bathroom furniture as a pose to a bathroom fixture

● that spa like feeling to the bathroom

● are easy to clean as you can get around all sides of the bath

So remember, next time you’re enjoying your bathroom experience in sophistication, comfort and style in the bath choice of kings, queens, lords and ladies of the past (and present), that you’re enjoying the bathing experience in good company.

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