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How To Keep Shower Glass Clean

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on October 13th, 2016.      0 comments

First of all we recommend putting a protective layer onto your shower glass. 
One product is Diamond Fusion, this can be ordered at any of our Plumb’In stores.

This can be placed on new showers at installation or on existing showers.
Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN shower glass protection will:
  • Dramatically reduce your shower cleaning by up to 90% on NEW glass showers.
  • Eliminate your big shower clean on Saturday mornings.
  • Keep your new shower… looking clean and clear.
  • Give you piece of mind with a real factory-backed warranty.
  • Is the ONLY global glass protection product, with a global patent.
Trusted around the world from Spain to South America – the worlds #1 product

Some of the Englefield Showers come with glass protection included, saving you the cost of adding it on.
This product resists staining, therefore maintaining visibility, clarity and a sparkling appearance.
It does not support adhesion or bacteria growth, so is more hygienic.
Maintenance of this treatment is easy and instructions are supplied with the shower.

If you do not have a glass protection then be sure you clean the shower with products recommended
by the manufacturer this protects the life and warranty of your product.

Don’t forget frequent cleaning is the key and will go a long way!
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