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Embrace Blue in Your Bathroom

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on February 28th, 2017.      0 comments

The one place where the Blues won’t get you down:
Embrace blue in your bathroom

Blue gets a bad rap as a colour – Moody Blues, feeling the blues, Blue Monday but there is one place that embraces Blue for its calming and tranquil qualities “The Bathroom

Shades of Blue: Linens galore
blue towels-805

Step out of the bath and into the blue. With towels in a wide variety of shades, ranging from light duck egg to darker denim 

A darker shade like midnight will add a rich tone to your scheme, whereas a purple-ish shade like azure has a boutique appeal. If you still can’t get enough blue, finish off the look with a matching bath mat to tie your design scheme together.

Under the sea:
marine scene-754-616under the sea-427
You can escape the grey and go for a marine scene in your bathroom. Great for the kids but quite classy with the right accessories in an ensuite too.

Sapphire sensations: Decorative accessories
blue bathsalts-943-422

Adding a few accessories to a shelf or windowsill can go a long way to cheering up the bathroom. 

Glass accessory holders, bathsalts in Sapphire blue will do the trick. If you want to up the ante, why not fill your new vase with flowers? (Preferably bluebells!)

Blue fire: Warm up with candles
saphire candles-623-471-319
The combination of a warm flame and a blue holder makes an irresistible addition to any bathroom. 

Place them on the window ledge or near the mirror to give the effect of doubling the flames, and enjoy the flickering glow.

Feel blue, feel good: Bath and body care
blue creams-246-494

Go the extra mile and treat yourself to some time in a luxurious bath. And why not choose a few blue accessories to allow yourself to truly indulge? 

So give those Blues the reputation they deserve with a few small tweaks, you can refresh your bathroom and your mood, ready to take on the day

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