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Choosing the right Vanity

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on June 29th, 2019.      0 comments

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Available in an array of sizes, styles and colours, vanities combine a basin and storage, and have become popular for those redesigning their bathrooms.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right one for your space:

With many sizes to choose from, you should not have a problem finding the right one for your space, its essential to accurately measure the space where you would like to install your vanity, and double check all your measurements, and being our by the smallest bit could have the biggest effect.

Not only does it need to look good, it needs to suit your bathroom storage needs too. Before choosing a new one, decide what you need to keep in the bathroom, and make sure the vanity you choose can house all of these items. If you are renovating a family bathroom, consider a double bowl vanity - not only does this help in the mornings with the mad rush, but it also gives you double the storage.

Solid gloss or matte colours help add that minimalist look, while wood grains offer more of a luxurious look. Have fun and add a pop of colour, or keep it matching the walls and floor, and go to town with accessories.

Make sure you position the vanity somewhere it wont block doors, or cause a jam in the mornings. Also ensure the doors and draws can be easily opened.
Its also important to decide whether you want a floor standing or wall hung vanity.

Wall hung are usually great for smaller bathrooms and en suites, as they create the illusion of a larger space. A wall mounted vanity also adds a touch of designer style to the bathroom, and makes the floor much easier to clean too.

Floorstanding are mounted directly to the floor, which make them easier to install. They can offer more space compared to wall hung, and are available in corner options too.

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