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Choosing the right basin

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on April 26th, 2019.      0 comments

Counter Top Basin
These come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. This popular basin is mounted on top of the counter, and is well suited for en-suite bathrooms where they can cause a dramatic effect.

Drop in Basin
These are semi-recessed basins, with most of the basin sitting below the counter. The basin rim sits above the counter and is available in a variety of shapes and thickness, from a slim rim which sits almost flush with the countertop to a chunkier version.

Under Counter Basin
This basin's rim is attached to the underside of the countertop, providing a seamless continuation of the countertop.

Wall-mounted Basin

This basin is attached directly to the wall and fits snugly into a wall corner, freeing up floor space. Because of this, you do not need a counter top. Its streamlines look gives a minimalist feeling to the room. Best suited for toilets that are separate from the main bathroom.

Pedestal Basin

These basins are known for their sleek, elegant contour which, depending on their design, can contribute to a traditional style.
They are a good choice for guest bathrooms, where storage is less important, and space may be limited. Their sleek and sophisticated lines can visually enlarge a room, while enhancing their appearance. 

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