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Bathroom Tips: Refresh or Redesign

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on October 13th, 2016.      0 comments

When planning your bathroom remember bathrooms look best when they are sleek and minimal. Make sure you include plenty of fitted storage so all toiletries can be hidden from view. Wall mounted mirror cabinets and vanities are ideal for this and if theres enough space add bathroom storage units.

Neutral colours are always best in a bathroom using accessories such as towel rails, soap dispensers, glass shelves to decorated. Coloured towels and designer toiletries will inject personality into you bathroom and they also allow you to reinvent the look more affordably when you feel like a change.


When spending money on your bathroom don’t skimp on the brassware. Tapware is important as it’s the working heart of the bathroom, and quality tapware is worth every cent. A handy hint to help protect this investment is install Isolator Filter stops these protect the ceramic disc of your tapware from small particles of dirt that can scratch the cartridge causing the tapware to leak.

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