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5 ways to make your bathroom your problem solving retreat

Written by Plumb'In Bathrooms on December 2nd, 2016.      0 comments

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Who does not have a lot on their mind – whether it’s work worries or personal problems – a soak in the bath is a great solution to ease those thoughts spiralling around your head, allowing you some quiet thinking time.
Your bathroom should be your go-to place, a haven to relax and shut off from the world –when you feel stressed or anxious. Lie back, put your feet up and take time out from those worries.
Here are some ideas to transform your bathroom into a calm and inspiring space to soak the hours away…

Does your usual bathing experience involves the kids bringing in their toys to join you in the tub, spending half your time hanging your arm over the bath panel to take a call – STOP shut the door, switch off your phone and savour the moment.
Neuroscientists have proven we can’t find solutions when we focus on the problem itself, so remain calm and maintain a solution-oriented mindset.

Turn up the heat
Getting the temperature just right is essential. Too hot and you risk scalded toes but too cold and you won’t want to stay in there for long! When immersed in hot water, our heart rate can increase by 12%, which is temporarily relaxing yet harmful in the long term.
Ideally, your bath water should be slightly warmer than your body temperature, just above 37°C. Lay back in the gentle heat and let your worries disappear.

Light a candle and bubble-up
No need to splurge on a spa trip – revitalise your mind and body with a candle-lit, bubbly bathe in the tub. A peaceful soak will rid your mind of worries and enable you to relax and indulge yourself in some well-earned ‘me-time’.
Fill the tub with your favourite flavour of bubble bath or salts, light a scented candle then lay back, close your eyes and switch off.

Clear the clutter 
Don’t let those almost-empty shampoo bottles take up your arm rest – clear the clutter to ensure nothing will disturb your tranquil tub time. Use the peace and quiet to think laterally – change your approach and look at things in a new way.

In need of some storage solutions? Browse our range of bathroom cabinets and furniture to keep your bathroom clear of clutter.

Be inspired
Accessorise your bathroom with inspiring art work, plants and ornaments that showcase your personal taste. You’ll spend much longer relaxing in an attractive retreat which gets your creative juices flowing.
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